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Aspira Learn SAT/ACT tutoring solves your concerns of WHY your student tests the way they test. Aspira Learn realizes that these concerns can be stressful and may hinder your child’s success. We specialize in how to strengthen your child’s overall cognitive skills.  We also include a SAT/ACT  Predictive Exam Score Factor providing you with an expected range with what they may receive on the exam. When students test having the opportunity to recognize and develop their weak areas prior to taking the SAT/ACT, they can improve their overall future performance.

Aspira Learn SAT/ACT provides students with the ability to

  • Apply for certain scholarships
  • Meet college Admissions Requirements
  • Obtain careers from top-tier schools.


I personally understand  the necessity of  tutoring and how it can help develop long term use of skills in all areas of life. As a child I received  tutoring in elementary school for reading comprehension. I received help during the school day and on the weekends for 2 years using books and computer games as resources.  Without the support of my school and family I would have been stuck trying to figure it out on my own. Aspira Learn is here to equip, empower, and provide the best tutors and resources to prepare your child for college and career success.

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Aspira Learn’s Founder and CEO is Shareta Green. She has worked in education for over 15 years and has a passion to bridge the gap between secondary schools and students. Aspira Learn seeks to support students in the development of their skills to achieve top school performance and prepare them for career goals. This is a tutoring business for students that will receive online tutoring in the area of SAT/ACT prep.

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